3 Important Advice After Buying Your New Home

  1. Know Your Emergency Numbers
    • Keep a record of the important numbers such as the Local Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital. Of course, remember the Philippine Emergency Hotline too – 911.
    • As much as we want to avoid calling those numbers, you can never know when you need to!
  2. Pay Your Taxes
    • Once your home has been turned over to you, you will be responsible for the Real Property Tax of your property. If you don’t pay, the Local Government Unit (LGU) has the right to auction off your property.
    • Here’s a tip: If you want a discount on your Real Property Tax, pay in advance!
  3. Pay Your Monthly Amortization
    • Just because you are already living in your house doesn’t mean that you can skip or “forget” to pay your monthly payments. You will be charged for penalties or worse, your house can be foreclosed.
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